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While many people dread wearing metal braces, many patients are excited about the prospect of wearing invisible braces. It is a popular orthodontic treatment that dentists believe can help a significant portion of patients who have relatively minor orthodontic Invisalign problems. It is a treatment that’s available at John Sartorio, DMD in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Invisalign Way
Almost everyone wants a perfect, straight and beautiful smile. In fact, A Kelton Global survey discovered that the most positive first impressions occur due to an attractive set of teeth. With Invisalign, crooked or misaligned teeth are straightened using clear plastic trays instead of metal devices. Invisible aligners are as effective as braces in repositioning the teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.

How Does Invisalign Help?
Invisalign aligner trays are designed to gently force your teeth to conform to their shape over a specific period of time—usually six to 12 months. Once the first tray does its job, it's time to wear the next one—this process continues every two weeks or so. After your dentist confirms that the treatment is complete, you'll use the final aligner tray as your retainer every night while sleeping. 

Why Do People Prefer Invisalign
There are a few key reasons why dental patients specifically ask for Invisalign over metal or ceramic braces. Explore whether these reasons apply to your unique case:

  • They are working professionals who are required to speak often at business meetings and conferences (the trays can be removed at will)
  • They want to be able to enjoy their favorite foods that aren't easy to eat when wearing permanent braces (like corn on the cob)
  • They don't want to experience the discomfort that is common in the early stages of wearing metal braces
  • The treatment period for Invisalign is usually shorter compared to traditional braces 

John Sartorio, DMD will provide you with a custom designed program that will address your individual dental or orthodontic issues.  Included in this treatment will be a full set of aligners designed specifically for you. John Sartorio DMD is an Invisalign Doctor that has the experience and track record to be one of the premier Dentists for Invisalign in Pittsburgh.

If you are concerned that your smile is not all that it can be, consider the impact that a virtually invisible solution is available to straighten and align your teeth.

If you are looking for more information on Invisalign, the Invisalign website is a great resource for testimonials, frequently asked questions, and before and after photos that will show you the improvements a solution like Invisalign can provide.

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