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Reliable Dental Bridges in Pittsburgh

When you have multiple missing or decayed teeth in a row, it affects your bite pattern and the appearance of your smile. At the dental practice of John Sartorio, DMD, we offer custom dental bridges to restore the surface area of your bite and the beauty of your smile. We are passionate about restoring your overall oral health with bridges that look and feel natural.

Our team is proud to renew the smiles of the residents of South Hills, Pittsburgh, and the surrounding areas. We can craft custom bridges to replace any consecutive row of missing teeth, from molars to incisors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for dental bridges in South Hills.


What Are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces a row of missing or compromised teeth with prosthetic teeth to recreate your bite pattern and smile. A traditional bridge consists of two crowns, one at the front and one at the end, and a row of artificial teeth called pontics suspended between the crowns. The crowns fit over your natural teeth to provide stability for the restoration.

Implant-supported bridges are similar to traditional bridges, but they don't use teeth as supports. Instead, they are anchored in place by implant posts, offering durability and function without impacting your other teeth. We offer both types of dental bridges to meet your unique needs, lifestyle, and smile goals.

Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Missing, decayed, or compromised teeth impact more than your smile. It directly affects your oral and overall health. A dental bridge protects your oral health by replacing the missing teeth and keeps your remaining teeth from shifting into the open space, which leads to uneven wear and decay. Bridges also protect your gums from the cuts and infections they are vulnerable to when they're exposed due to missing teeth.

Dental bridges recreate your natural bite pattern, which allows you to properly chew your food and leads to better digestion. Implant-supported bridges are supported by titanium posts, which stimulate your jaw, help prevent bone loss, and preserve your facial structure.

Our Dental Bridge Process in South Hills

Your smile is as unique as you are. That is why we offer custom dental bridges to restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Our friendly team will take the time to get to know you and ask questions to fully understand your concerns, needs, and smile goals, then craft a treatment plan personalized to you.

We begin with a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and jaws, complete with detailed measurements and impressions, and send them to a lab where your custom bridge will be created. Our team will note any necessary pretreatments and include them in your treatment plan. If you choose a traditional bridge, we prepare your teeth to support the crowns and provide a temporary while a lab crafts your custom bridge. Once we have your dental bridge, we check to ensure it feels comfortable before we cement it in place.

If you choose an implant-supported bridge, we will recommend a trusted specialist to place the implant posts your restoration requires for a firm and permanent base. Once you have healed from the implant post procedure, our gentle dentist will fit your custom bridge, and you can leave our office ready to show off your new smile.

Fixed Bridge FAQs

Choosing the dental restoration that's right for you is an important decision. Our compassionate team encourages you to ask questions, and we are happy to provide the answers and information you need to make a confident decision. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about dental bridges.

Do I have to change my diet with fixed bridges?

Bridges restore your ability to chew properly and enjoy your favorite foods. It's important to avoid chewing on ice, hard candies, and certain nuts because these can damage your dental bridge.

Bridges are easy to care for because you brush and floss your teeth twice daily, just like your natural teeth. You will need to maintain your biannual dental appointments so our dentist can verify the integrity of your custom restoration.

Bridges are durable and can last 10-15 years when you care for them properly. Our dentist will provide helpful tips and instructions to maintain your bridge. You can improve the longevity of your dental restoration by not using it like a tool to open bottles or cans and avoiding chewing on objects like pen caps.

Natural-Looking Dental Bridges in Pittsburgh

You deserve a full, healthy smile. At the dental practice of John Sartorio, DMD, we offer dental bridges that look and feel natural to restore the functionality of your bite and the beauty of your smile. Our team artfully matches your dental bridge to the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth to create a seamlessly blended smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to discover our excellent Pittsburgh fixed bridges.




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