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Lumineers is one of the greatest dental advancements in many years of dentistry.  If you are looking for Lumineers in Pittsburgh, Sartorio Dental is certified to provide these to you as a patient.  If you are looking for the smile that you have wanted for years, and nature may not have blessed you with a perfect smile, then Lumineers can give you exactly what you are looking for.  Many people today feel better about themselves, and look better thanks to what Lumineers have done for them.  If you want to work to make your smile more beautiful, Dr. John Sartorio has provided Lumineers in Pittsburgh to many patients and is ready to make your smile the way you always dreamed it could be.

Lumineers can have many benefits to patients for many years.  Cerinate Lumineers has been developed as a contact lens-thin porcelain technology that will give your smile strength and beauty, while also preserving the natural tooth structure that you were born with.  To name some of the unsightly distortions that Lumineers can correct, they include tooth discoloration, broken or misshapen teeth, noticeable gaps in your teeth, permanent stains that can be caused by smoking or your diet, and Lumineers can even bond to existing crowns or bridgework without having to replace them.  This can be a life changing procedure if you are someone who is self conscious about your smile and would love bright shining white teeth.  Men and Women looking for Lumineers in Pittsburgh can enjoy the benefits of not having to put up with any drilling of their teeth, no removing of their sensitive tooth structure, and Lumineers are safe for patients with sensitive teeth.

Cerinate Porcelain Lumineers are translucent enough to look like your real teeth, and again there is no painful drilling that your dentist will have to perform, or use any type of anesthetic to prepare your teeth for Lumineers. Lengthening short teeth and fixing uneven spacing in your teeth is all possible with Lumineers.  Getting a new smile is now something that you can smile about, and we urge you to contact us with any questions we can answer for you regarding Lumineers in Pittsburgh.  If you are unsure if Lumineers are correct for you, schedule an appointment and we can provide you a consultation to see if Lumineers can improve your smile.

Lumineers in Pittsburgh