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October 27, 2011
Category: Invisalign
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There are many different factors that go into pricing for Invisalign cost.  To get proper the proper treatment, an original consultation would be required to see how the Invisalign treatment will correct your beautiful smile.  To save you money, we offer a 100$ off voucher for you to use after your consultation!  Don't hesitate anymore and take the steps you need to take to restore a confident bright smile that you will love.

Dont let the Invisalign cost deter you from making the decision to take care of your smile.  With the alternative to metal painful braces, it really is a great investment to make in your life for clear aligners like Invisalign that will bring you back confidence in your smile.

Visit this link for a voucher for 100$ off Invisalign cost of treatment, or schedule an appointment for a consultation now!


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