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By John Sartorio, D.M.D.
September 29, 2014
Tags: Botox  

botox Botox is a cosmetic treatment for the face and body that smooths out wrinkles and unwanted lines. It is most often administered by a dermatologist or certified facial specialist, but now a number of modern dentists like Pittsburgh dentist Dr. John Sartorio are offering Botox treatments in the dental office. Here are a few things you need to know about going to the dentist for a Botox session.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a series of injections into the muscles beneath the skin that serves to relax lines and wrinkles. The formula is made up of what are called Botulinum toxins. They are proteins that fill in the areas of the skin and face that may have creased, furrowed or folded over time. When administered correctly Botox can give results that last for up to four months before another sessions is necessary. Botox injections are commonly administered to the forehead, around the eyes, the brow area and the sides of the mouth. A common session does not require surgery or any recovery time -- it is a procedure that takes about 10-15 minutes in many cases.

This Pittsburgh Dentist Understands Facial Structure

Dentists don’t only know about the teeth -- they also study the structure, shape and general appearance of the face. They understand how to use Botox injections in specific areas of the face and neck to ensure a favorable result. Dr. Sartorio is a dentist who is certified to administer Botox to patients. Additionally, he can consult with you about other issues that may affect the overall appearance of the face, like tooth positioning, shape and bite, to give you a beautiful new smile.

Qualified, Knowledgeable Professional

Botox is a common choice for people who do not want the hassle or risk of an invasive facial surgery. If you’re considering a Botox cosmetic treatment, schedule a consultation with a qualified and knowledgeable dental professional like Pittsburgh Botox dentist Dr. John Sartorio. Make an appointment request online or call the office at (412) 831-8700 with your specific Botox questions.