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How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Find out how your Pittsburgh, PA dentist will repair a chipped tooth.

I just chipped a tooth. Now what? If your tooth has been broken or chipped it’s time to see your Pittsburgh dentist Dr. John Sartorio as soon as possible. If you leave this problem untreated this could put you at risk for further complications such as infection or tooth loss. Chipped toothDon’t let this happen to you!

How is a Chipped Tooth Treated?

How we handle your tooth will depend on the extent of the damage. Here are the most common ways to treat a chipped tooth:

Dental Bonding/Filling

If only a small amount of enamel has been removed, dental bonding or a dental filling may be all that’s required. During either of these cosmetic treatments your Pittsburgh cosmetic dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin over the chipped portion of the tooth, mold it into the proper shape and then use a UV light to harden the material. This procedure is non-invasive and does not require anesthesia prior to treatment.

Dental Veneers

For those with small chips that might be a bit too large for dental bonding the next best option are dental veneers. These thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells are applied over the front surface of the tooth to improve the tooth’s appearance. Veneers are able to cover chips, cracks and discolorations, and give you a straighter, whiter smile.

While we won’t have to remove as much enamel from your teeth as we would with dental crowns, since some tooth preparation is necessary this procedure is considered irreversible.

Dental Crown

If a more significant piece of enamel breaks off then we may need to file some of the tooth down and cover it with a tooth-shaped crown or cap to protect it from further damage and to restore it to its original shape. Dental crowns can be made from metal, resin or ceramic and all offer their own benefits.

Getting a dental crown will require two visits to our office. During these visits we will take X-rays to also check the health of the tooth roots and jawbone to make sure no additional damage has occurred. We will then numb the area and file down enough of the tooth to make room for the crown.

Then we will take impressions of your damaged tooth from which we will build your custom-made dental crown. While your crown is being made we will place a temporary one over your tooth. In a couple of weeks you will come in to have your permanent crown cemented into place.

Find out which treatment is the right on for your chipped tooth. Turn to your Pittsburgh cosmetic dentist for the answers. Call our office today to schedule your next appointment.

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