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Botox: Keeping You Young For Good, Starting Today

Do you have unattractive brow lines or unappealing crows feet that make you dream of being younger again? If so, you're not alone, as millions of Americans today suffer from the effects of aging and want to do something about it.

At John Sartorio, D.M.D., you can do something about it, as Dr. Sartorio and his trusted cosmetic staff make it their goal to always Botoxprovide you with the youthful appearance you've been yearning for! They use the tried-and-true technique known as Botox, which is a prescription medicine directly injected into your muscles that's been clinically-proven to reduce moderate to severe frown lines for as long as four months at a time.

With a whopping 95 percent satisfaction rate from its patients, Botox has proven time and again that the days of old age can be dismissed into yesterday! Take a peek at how Botox makes you look younger below:

How Does Botox Work?

Short for botulinum toxins, Botox is essentially a purified protein that, once injected into your skin, fills in those annoying wrinkles and age lines so that you can feel youthful for every smile again.

Is The Botox Procedure Difficult?

A typical Botox procedure takes roughly 10 minutes - with no recovery time afterward! Botox is the procedure of choice for anyone wary of invasive surgeries that leave them out-of-commission for long after.

When Will I Start To See Results?

You'll begin to see the anti-aging effects of Botox within two days at most, and frequently in as few as 24 hours after the procedure. Increasingly-significant improvements are seen by the end of the first week, with many patients even seeing daily improvements a month later.

For more information on Botox and how it can lead to anti-aging effects in your appearance, give Dr. Sartorio a call today at(412) 831-8700 for the most lasting, effective results from the real fountain of youth available right here in Pittsburgh, PA!

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