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Botox for Migraines Pittsburgh

botox for migrainesWhile Botox for Migraines may sound strange, it is something that was approved in 2010. People who get more than 15 headaches a month were shown in studies to benefit the most from this treatment.  People are use to Botox Cosmetic to heal frown lines and things of that nature to improve cosmetic appearance, but it has other uses such as migraine relief. People who get more than 15 headaches in a month, according to studies that were done in the Journal of  the American Medical Association, had the highest success rates of relief of their symptoms.  Also, if there were patients that were dealing with chronic tension migraines, they did not see relief from Botox.

From looking around at information about migraines, it surprised me to find out that there is a lot science doesn't know yet about migraines.  I could not find a definitive reason that Botox was listed as effective but there are absolutely positive reviews for Botox for migraines.  Who is to say though that placebo effect isn't involved?  That is where studies like the one that was mentioned above come into play.  They take into account that some people feel better just by knowing in their head they got medicine. I'm sure you've heard of blind studies and those are what can really tell you how effective a treatment is.

Join the large numbers of people who have gotten migraine relief with Botox.  Dr John Sartorio DMD can provide you with information on what Botox for migraines questions you may have, so please give us a call to setup an appointment to discuss.  We look forward to being able to provide you help with getting your migraine issues solved and you can live pain free. 

You can read more about Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm, or Schedule an Appointment412-831-8700.

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